Monday, November 26, 2007

Internet to Fail by 2010?

So it looks like we broadband users are quickly putting a strain on the multiple-decade old system we call the Internet. As we download videos, music, podcasts, and other multimedia, we are using up more and more resources. This has lead some people to wonder if the Internet could eventually break down from the strain.

From USA Today:

The Web will start to seem pokey as early as 2010, as use of interactive and video-intensive services overwhelms local cable, phone and wireless Internet providers, a study by business technology analysts Nemertes Research has found.

“Users will experience a slow, subtle degradation, so it’s back to the bad old days of dial-up,” says Nemertes President Johna Till Johnson. “The cool stuff that you’ll want to do will be such a pain in the rear that you won’t do it.”

I am pretty sure we have nothing to worry about as countries and business begin to upgrade the systems we use every day. New fiber optic cable is being run, new servers are being put in place, and other technologies to improve the Internet are being created.

What do you think? Will the Internet begin to slow as we continue to increase our high bandwidth activities, or will it continue to evolve to fit our needs as it always has?

[via forevergeek]