Monday, December 10, 2007

Google on the iPhone and iPod Touch


Users know exactly the difference between surfing web on a computer browser and on a mobile web browser. Due to the small size and low performance of mobile web browsers they often do not let you use the features of a site exactly the way you could have used them on your computer browser.

Smart Phones like Nokia N95 and Apple iPhone have made mobile web surfing more fun and realistic but they still lack some basic features.

Steve Kanefsky, a software engineer of the Google Mobile Team has made life easy for all the iPhone users around the world.

Now through the Google iPhone Application, users can easily access all their Google services (Google Search, Google Suggest, Gmail etc) and can interact with them just like they would on their computer browser.

This application is not limited to the iPhone users only. iPod Touch users can take advantage of this new application and can surf the web with more easy now.

This application has been made purely using the AJAX technology offered by the iPhone Safari Browser.

Just point your browser to on your iPhone and experience the new interface.

Here you go with some screenshots of Google Suggest and Gmail on iPhone.

gmail-on-iphone googlesuggest-on-iphone